Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ode to The Farallons

Oh you beautiful, rocky islands, covered in mice and smelling like shit,
I made it within reach and you taunted me once before.
But this time, I'll be staying.  See you soon.

That three-line masterpiece (^^^) was inspired by the fact that I am GOING TO THE FREAKING FARALLONS!  Holy crap, I'm getting so psyched about this.  I know it's been a slow summer (Cory and I officially suck), but get ready, because extremely epic and cool things are going to happen (currently knocking on wood), and I intend to share them with you folks.

Countless amazing vagrants have shown up on these Islands, including Brown Shrike and Common Rosefinch among others, and the annual eastern warblers and other landbirds.  Seabirds migrate by the islands throughout fall, as do cetaceans.  Pinnipeds call the islands home, and thus attract (great) white sharks to the nearby waters.  I cannot wait to be part of this wonderful place.

So I hope you haven't forgotten about us.  We're still here, and the blogging will continue shortly.  I leave for California Sep. 5, and arrive on the island Sep. 8.

Until then, here are some photos you may have seen from the day I was supposed to get on the island, but couldn't.

Stay tuned, dear friends.

Luke Musher