About BoomCha

Boom Chachalaca was started by Cory Ritter and Lukas Musher in November 2011, while working as winter banding interns at PRBO Palomarin Field Station.  The blog was started as a way to share birding experiences, tips and news with other birders, both beginners and experts, and to promote conservation.

Cory Ritter is from Janesville, WI, and studied Biological Aspects of Conservation at UW-Madison with a certificate in Environmental Studies. Since graduating, he has traveled to Pennsylvania, Colorado, Minnesota and California for various bird jobs.

Luke Musher is from Lambertville, NJ, but spent the past five years in Pittsburgh, PA studying Ecology and Evolution at the University of Pittsburgh. His enthusiasm for birding has taken him around the world, but he has birded mostly in PA, CA, and NJ. His interests include avian systematics, biogeography, ecology and evolution.

Cory DeStein is from Pittsburgh, PA and is currently living in Missoula, Montana.

Email us any time! - boomchachalaca@gmail.com

Lukas Musher
Cory Ritter
Cory DeStein