Saturday, July 27, 2013

Frogs and Opossums

By Luke Musher

Quick break from birds.  I have been going out at night looking for frogs, snakes, and mammals (heard a Black-and-white Owl, but haven't seen any), and have been getting some cool photos, and seeing some fun, bizarre and really awesome wildlife.  Thanks to my friend David Segura (, and he's been showing me a lot.  Enjoy the photos.
Red-eyed tree frog trying to blend in with my hand (above) and a leaf (below).  Love the blue and orange in these guys.

Hammer or Ding Frog.  These tiny little amphibians are usually higher in the canopy, but we were lucky enough to see a few.
Cat-eyed Snake.  These guys specialize in eating frogs and small lizards.
David spotted this amazing 2-meter boa constrictor actively hunting.  

I hate spiders.  No idea what this is. These are some sort of wolf spider I presume.  (As I publish this, somebody tells me the spider below is called Brazilian wandering spider)

This katydid was in serious peril.  Hanging by a single spider thread.  Very strange.  I took pity on him/her and set him/her free.
We were attacked by this Morpho butterfly, and spent about 5 minutes trying to capture it has it endlessly flew into our headlamps. 

Judging by its teeth, some sort of rodent 
My favorite animal ever.  The most adorable in the world.  Mouse opossum.

Another weird grasshopper thing.


  1. Wow! I am blown away. Such interesting, beautiful animals & setting, and I LOVE the rodent joke. *happy sigh*

    And, yes, mouse opossum clearly a 10 on the cute scale. =)

    I'll have to read other posts to figure out where you are (pardon if you said it in this post, still on 1st cup of coffee...). Looks amazing.

    1. Thanks! In case you didn't see, I'm in Costa Rica. Keep reading, I'll have more photos soon enough!

  2. Fantastic quality photos! In Tort and Cano we really struggled last year with photos in low light especially shiny frogs. What camera do you use? Seriously thinking of buying a new one before returning to band in CR in September.

    1. Wendy, Canon 7D with an external flash. If you buy a new camera I suggest this. If you already have a SLR, I suggest fitting a macro lens (that I do not have) and a good flash, and you will take excellent photos. There is a relatively affordable 60mm macro by canon and a relatively expensive 100mm macro by canon. The flash I use is the 580 EX II. It's a bit pricey but it does a good job. At the same time I would guess that you could take pretty good shots with just a built in flash and a standard lens. All depends on what you desire. Long-story short, canon 7d with 50mm f1.8 lens is the setup I've been using. Works fairly well, but it can get better!

  3. Thanks for the info. I guessed it was a fancy set up similar to my husbands but no way would I be able to borrow his for the jungle especially as my Samsung never recovered from the humidity of Cano Palma!

    1. No problem. If you're only in tort for a few weeks at a time a nice camera will be able to handle it. Get a dry sack, put silica gel (evadry) in there and store your gear in there each night and you should definitely not have a problem from humidity. Good luck!