Monday, November 4, 2013

Red-throated Pipit at Abbott's Lagoon

Today I got to do some birding back in Marin county after a long time gone.  We dipped harder than a hillbilly on christmas looking for an American Tree Sparrow in Point Reyes Station, but that's okay because we (Ryan DiGaudio, Megan Elrod, Cameron Rutt, Mark "Mad Dawg" Dettling, and I)  found a Red-throated Pipit at Abbott's Lagoon.  This is my third of this species in just over two weeks so I guess I should be good at identifying them by now.  The best way to find these guys is by listening for their diagnostic call, a short, high, thin, descending pssseeee when near a flock of pipits.

This also happened...
This river otter was extremely appealing candidate for the day's highlight until this happened. 

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