Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mega: Arctic Warbler

I woke up this morning to fog and south winds, and soon after, the fog lifted, and the wave began.  We banded 42 Red-breasted Nuthatches today, and 70 birds all together.  We saw a total of 69 species.  Oh and did I mention?  We had an Arctic Warbler hit one of our mist nets.  This mega rarity represents the 2nd record for the island and 8th for California.  Still, we all just found out about the Common Cuckoo in Santa Cruz, CA...that bird wins.

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  1. Shit, dude, that's incredible. All I asked for when we were banding was for just one little RBNU. But nope, never happened. And here you are showing off your whopping 42 nuthatches and an Arctic Warbler no less. Spread the love, man. Hah, lucky. :D