Saturday, June 22, 2013


By Cory Ritter

Whitefish Point might be known for its Rough-legged Hawks, but this year it was the spring of the Peregrine Falcon. In fact, we set the all-time season high count for peregrines with 76, beating the previous record of 73 set in 2005. As I was saying, birders don't come to Whitefish Point to see peregrines, as other sites can easily see 76 in a day--or an hour if you're in the Florida Keys. However, it is exactly this scarcity that makes peregrines so exciting here at the point.

That all being said, enjoy the photos.

Whitefish Point

Peregrine Falcon upperside

Chippewa County, MI

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory

Whitefish Point

Adult upperside


Adult soaring

Face shot

Adult side-on


Oh, did I mention we get mostly adults here in the spring?

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