Thursday, June 27, 2013

News-ish from California on our SEFI Records

Not really sure how late I am to the scene here but my friend Jim Tietz just informed me that our Little Bunting sight record from last fall on Southeast Farallon Island, a bird we got no photos of, but was definitely a Little Bunting passed the California Bird Records Committee in the first round!  This was very unexpected because many if not most bird records committees are wary to accept a record of a review species without some sort of photo of audio documentation.  Here are some excerpts from Jim's "Update to Rare Birds of California" of the birds we had that were reviewed (by the way I saw all of them!)


  1. You are a terrible person filling me with envy. But glad to see the GCTH I saw in 2009 got accepted. I think it was shot down in the first round.

    1. Well Mark, that's kind of my thing. I say and do terrible things. You've never seen a GCTH before.

  2. I totally forgot about that bird...awesome.

    I just found out a Pyrrhuloxia I saw in Orange County in 1999 was accepted by the CBRC. At the time everyone was all "oh its an escapee for sure" but then they were all "nah definitely legit" so now I dont know what the fuck to think.